July 6, 2023
Introducing the new Prize account. A smarter and Exciting way of saving
In addition to helping you grow your savings effortlessly, at Rand, we work very hard to offer you one of the best financial experiences around. Today, we are excited to introduce something we are extremely proud of: the new Prize account.

What is the Prize account?

If you’re not familiar with it yet, the Prize account is a high-yield account (5% annually) where the earnings generated from the deposits of all its users are raffled every Friday among 25% of the account’s customers, combining the fun of a lottery with the benefits of a high-yield account.

The initial capital of each customer remains untouched, so you save and have the opportunity to win cash prizes of up to €150 every week, with the ability to withdraw your money whenever you need it, and without paying any fees.

What are your chances of winning prizes and how can you increase them?

Your chances of winning are calculated based on several factors, such as the amount of money you have added to your Prize account (the more you deposit, the better) and the time you have kept the money in the account.

To make it simply: imagine that you participate with tickets, and every Friday, the algorithm randomly selects the winning tickets. In that case, the more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning each week. Rand provides you with more tickets as you deposit more money and keep it saved in the account for a longer time.

What are the new features of the new Prize account?

Here are some key features of the new Prize account:

  • A cleaner and more intuitive design to make it easier for you to navigate within the Prize account.
  • Weekly prizes of up to €150, with an improved algorithm to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of winning each week.
  • Now you can deposit money into your Prize account using bank transfers.

Don’t hesitate any longer and start saving in a unique way with Rand. 👉 📱

Download the app here!