January 10, 2024
How does Rand Generate 6% APY?
In today's financial landscape, where traditional savings accounts often offer disappointingly low returns, Rand has been founded as a game-changer, allowing people to earn more on their savings. This innovative leap is not achieved through the conventional banking playbook but through the strategic adoption of blockchain technology in our savings framework.

Revolutionizing Savings with Blockchain Technology

Unlike traditional banking systems that rely on outdated and costly infrastructure, blockchain offers a modern, digital method for transferring and saving money. It's not just faster and cheaper; it's a complete overhaul of how financial transactions can be managed, providing a promising ground for higher savings returns.

The Integral Role of Your Savings

1. Maintaining the Blockchain Network

Blockchain technology functions as a vast digital ledger, meticulously recording money movements across the globe. This ledger is dynamic, requiring constant updates to ensure its accuracy. As "validators" on the blockchain, our task is to verify these transactions, a crucial step in keeping the ledger current and trustworthy.

2. Revenue from Transaction Fees

Each transaction on the blockchain incurs a fee, a small price for the efficiency and security it offers. Our role in maintaining the network entitles us to a portion of these fees, which forms a significant part of our revenue.

3. Becoming a Validator

To act as validators, we must prove our liquidity by locking in a certain amount of funds within the blockchain network. Your deposits contribute to this, enabling us to fulfill the eligibility criteria and participate actively in the validation process.

4. Profit Sharing

We believe in rewarding our customers for their trust and support. A large part of the income from our validation activities is distributed back to you. This means that by helping us maintain the blockchain, your savings not only grow but also play a part in sustaining this innovative financial ecosystem.

Ensuring Security and Reliability

The security of your savings is paramount. To this end, Rand partners with leading companies in blockchain security and operations. This strategic collaboration ensures that our blockchain-based savings accounts are not only lucrative but also secure and dependable.


Rand's blockchain-based savings account represents a significant departure from traditional savings methods, providing an enticing 6% APY. This innovative model is made possible through our active participation in blockchain validation processes, a venture that not only benefits our customers through higher yields but also supports the broader blockchain technology landscape.