December 31, 2023
Achievements in 2023: 30,000 Reasons to Celebrate
More than 30,000 Reasons to Celebrate 🥂

As we bid farewell to 2023, we express profound gratitude, celebrating each of the over 30,000 users who chose to be part of the Rand family and the more than 2,500 RND holders who placed their trust in our tokenized project, Rand Pro—the first of its kind in Europe, gaining popularity in the financial world.

Throughout the year, we've witnessed over 6.5 billion in deposits from delighted users, receiving over €100,000 in paid interest. We also commemorate the milestones achieved, in line with our roadmap—from launching new products and financial solutions to forming partnerships that enhance our business goal of securing and accelerating your finances.

Noteworthy is our significant stride towards transparency and regulation, securing registration from the Bank of Spain with number D697. This achievement reinforces our commitment to financial standards and European regulations for the proper handling of your funds.

New Rand Products

Earn Account: Saving Long-Term Made Easy and Secure

Introducing the Earn Account, a high-yield account with an annual yields of up to 6.00% APY, allowing our users to enjoy real benefits with ease and security. Deposit your euro, and watch your savings boost effortlessly. Our innovative staking method, with a simplified strategy, takes care of the entire return generation process and secures your funds. Enjoy the yields without the need for technical knowledge of cryptocurrencies, markets, or finance.

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RND: The Utility Token Providing Access to Rand Pro

The launch of our utility token, RND, marked a significant step in expanding our ecosystem. In the first 15 days, it reached a traded volume of over 750,000. Buy/sell operations on the market occurred through exchanges such as BitMart, Uniswap, and Bit2Me, as well as the Rand app where its purchase was enabled from November 23.

In the initial two weeks, we gained over 2,500 holders who are actively participating in the Rand ecosystem. To date, we have distributed over 60,000 RND as rewards.

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Rand Pro: The Subscription Boosting Your Savings

Rand Pro, the new subscription from Rand, is designed to boost the financial benefits of our users through a range of advantages such as higher APY in the Earn account, increased chances to win prizes in the Prize account, early access to new features, premium customer support, and more. It has been a success since its launch, garnering over 2,600 subscribers in the first 15 days.

Rand Pro membership allows you to earn up to 6.00% APY

Currently, Rand Pro subscribers can choose between Full Euros mode, earning 5.00% APY in euros; or the Hybrid mode, which allows earning a 6.00% APY, comprising 4% in euros and 2% in RND. This limited-time offer lasts until February 29, 2024. After this date, the 2% in RND will decrease to 1.5%, resulting in a total of 5.50% APY.

  • 20% of our users are earning in hybrid mode (EUR/RND).
  • 76% of our users are earning in full EUR mode.
  • The remaining 4% of our users are not yet subscribed to Rand Pro and are still earning 4% APY.

Learn more about Rand Pro and its success.

Rewards Center: Earn for Participation

The Rewards Center has added an extra layer of engagement and rewards for our users, providing the opportunity to earn RND by completing simple tasks in the Rand app. Challenges like inviting a friend, completing a survey, or maintaining a balance in the Earn account.

Notably, those who keep €1,000 in their Earn account are already enjoying Rand Pro for free, receiving the subscription value as a reward.

Learn more about the Rewards Center

Bank Transfers: Commission-Free Operations

We have facilitated transactions by implementing commission-free bank transfers, allowing our users to move their money efficiently, with a maximum transaction period of 3 days.

With Rand Pro, card deposits also have no commission!

Contributor Program: Receive Rewards for Being a Rand Ambassador

A program designed to boost community participation and reward it. In this three-month inaugural season, we have rewarded over 300 participants with RND tokens, Rand NFTs, merchandise, exclusive access, and more.

Learn more about the Contributor Program

New Partners: Committed to Your Security

Throughout 2023, we take pride in establishing strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Kiln, Fireblocks, Chainalysis, Onfido, Checkout, and Blockdaemon. These collaborations enable us to offer even more value to our growing community.

    - Kiln and Fireblocks: Reinforce, secure, and simplify the staking of funds for all our users.

    - Chainalysis: Assists in operating on Blockchains in compliance with international and governmental regulations.

    - Onfido: Supports us in the customer identity verification process, complying with international banking regulations preventing money laundering and illicit activities.

    - Checkout: Assists in managing transactions and yield movements, promoting transparent global operations.

    - Blockdaemon: Boosts and strengthens our blockchain economy through institutional solutions for fluid, secure, and efficient Web3 services.

Thank you for being part of our story. 2023 has been an exciting journey filled with achievements and constant growth. It's you who have inspired us throughout this year to continue working on developing new products that drive everyone's finances forward. For the upcoming year, expect more innovations and improvements in our financial ecosystem. That's why we want to hear your ideas at every step, as we strive to provide even more options and features that meet your financial needs. Happy New Year!

The 6.00% consists of a 4.00% APY in euros + 2.00% APY in RND.