RND token
December 18, 2023
Success in the launch of the RND token: over $750,000 transacted in the first 15 days
A new milestone for the European financial sector that merges traditional savings and new Blockchain technologies into a single wallet designed to boost the finances of Rand users.

Two weeks after launching our utility token RND to the market, the results speak for themselves. We have surpassed 750,000 in transaction volume and reached over 2,500 RND holders. This figure reflects not only the confidence of our community in the financial benefits it offers within the Rand ecosystem but also in the project behind this asset.

The Rand utility token RND is a digital asset created on the Ethereum Blockchain network, ERC-20, with a maximum supply of 200 million tokens and a 0% inflation rate. The purpose of the RND token is to be the key to access Rand Pro, Rand's new product that aims to boost the financial benefits of the community.

The RND token serves a dual function within the platform. On the one hand, it provides access to the Rand Pro subscription, which helps earn up to 6.00% APY annually, increases the chances of winning prizes, and grants exclusive features such as premium support and zero commissions on transactions within the application. On the other hand, it operates as a reward system for the user, which we have called the Rewards Center, rewarding customers who complete certain tasks within the platform, such as maintaining the balance for 15 days, responding to a survey, or inviting a friend.

RND was launched in the market on November 21 at a price of $0.25 on international exchanges Uniswap and BitMart. On November 23, its purchase was activated within the Rand App platform, coinciding with the launch of Rand Pro, and finally, it was listed on the Spanish exchange Bit2Me on November 29. Since then, the RND token has started trading on the market like any other cryptocurrency and generating additional benefits within the Rand App platform.

The launch of the RND utility token has been covered by various international media outlets, such as Forbes, EuropaPress, AllTech Magazine, Territorio Bitcoin, Cision PR Newswire, Digital Innovation News, among others. Not to mention the support received from our more than 20,000 users who have actively participated across all our communication channels.

In 2024, we will continue to add utilities to the RND utility token through the implementation of new features and strategic partners that boost the asset's value. In the coming months, we will reveal the updates on our roadmap. Thank you for choosing us as your financial platform and being part of this exciting launch.

The 6.00% is composed of a 4.00% APY in euros + 2.00% APY in RND. 6.00% valid until 02/29/2024.