December 19, 2023
Referral Program: €20 for you and €20 for your friend
Both of you will receive a €20 gift. Claim your reward when your friend generates €10 in their Earn or Prize account.

The Referral Program is an opportunity for Rand users to earn €20 for every friend they invite to join Rand. The earnings benefit both the referrer and the referred, and invitations are unlimited, allowing users to invite as many friends as they want.

To invite a friend, it is necessary to be an "active Rand user." This involves successfully completing the KYC verification process, where personal information and the national identity document are requested. This international control process is mandatory for all financial entities. Additionally, it is necessary to have funds in the Earn or Prize accounts and have an account that has not been previously suspended or restricted.

Referral Program Process

Step 1

Rand generates a personal link for you, which you will find in the RND section within the "Invite a friend" challenge. You can share this personal link with all your friends, whether through WhatsApp, Twitter, or any other means.

Step 2

Your friends register on Rand through your personal link and complete the identity verification. To complete this step correctly, the referred person must:

Click on the received referral link.

  1. Download the Rand app.
  2. Create an account on Rand, registering with their email.
  3. Approve the KYC verification process, where personal information and the national identity document will be requested. This is a mandatory international control process for financial entities.

Step 3

The Prize or Earn accounts of your friends generate €10, either because you won a prize in euros with the Prize account or because you generated returns in your Earn account thanks to our 6.00% annual APY.

Step 4

Each of you receives your €20 reward. The reward allocation is automatic, and you will receive it on the same day in your Rand account. Additionally, you can track your rewards within the "invite a friend" challenge, where you will see how many friends have completed the process and the amount of euros and RND you have earned.

Who can I invite with the Referral Program?

You can only refer friends who are not yet Rand customers and have not previously requested an account with Rand. Additionally, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be a European citizen with a European national identity document or passport.

Check the terms and conditions of this process here: https://rand.app/terms