October 13, 2022
Rand Values
As Simon Sinek says, start with WHY. Why do we do what we do? Why should you believe in Rand? At Rand, our values are at the heart of everything we do. The world is waking up to change, to the everyday individual over big business interests.

We are the first people-powered platform for finance: taking back the power and profits, putting them where they belong — in your pocket. Pol and the team wanted to share our WHY, how our values inspire us every day and what being a Rander is all about.

Honest & Transparent

At Rand, we value radical honesty, from our team and our customers. It is important that we do what we say we will to achieve our goals but also to exceed your expectations. We always work from a place of complete transparency of intention, method and outcome. Being a Rander means speaking your truth, continually asking for feedback and always actively listening to others first.

Share the wealth

We’re in this together for you, me and us. Literally, we believe there is a better way to grow wealth together and we only make money when you do. If we learn something cool, our teams and customers will be the first to know. Being a Rander means sharing your wealth, experience and knowledge with others and being part of the change you wish to see.


We’re a young and diverse team of people that care about what we do. When we build something new, we think “Will this work for everyone?”. If something is only good for a few, then it’s not for us. We aim to build products for everyone regardless of income or knowledge. Being a Rander means continually being driven by our community and our teams to deliver our inclusive and radical vision.

Be the change

Calling all dreamers, entrepreneurs, doers and change-makers, Rand is for you! If we don’t change the way things have always been done, then who will? Our mission is bold. Join our community. Be the change. It starts with us and it’s a responsibility we fully bear. Being a Rander means continually being the change; you keep paying it forward through your hard work and commitment to see it through.

For everyone and anyone who wants something different, this is the new money movement.

At Rand, we have a vision of building a world where everyone has access to smart financial tools that improve their quality of life — regardless of income or knowledge. We want to help you grow your money 50x faster.