September 20, 2023
How we keep customer funds safe
We think it is important that you understand how we protect your money when you send it to Pecunia Cards EDE SLU, and we work closely with industry partners and our regulators to make sure this message is communicated clearly. While we set this out in our terms and conditions, this note provides more detail on how we achieve that protection.


Pecunia Cards EDE SLU is an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) and is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Spain (Banco de España). This means Pecunia Cards EDE SLU is allowed to issue electronic money (e-money) to clients, hold client funds and provide payment services to clients.

Comparably to all EMIs registered in Spain, Pecunia Cards EDE SLU falls under the supervision of the Bank of Spain, responsible for issuing authorisations and exercising prudential supervision of EMIs.

As an EMI, Pecunia Cards EDE SLU protects your money through ‘safeguarding’ which differs from how your money is protected by credit Institutions (banks). We believe it is important for customers to understand the difference between the safeguard provided by EMIs and credit institutions (banks). Find here below the distinction between both.

How Pecunia Cards EDE SLU protects your money

We hold 100% of your funds separately from Pecunia Cards EDE SLU’s own funds, and in a separate account at a bank. The account is clearly identifiable as being that of our clients. 

The rules concerning how we protect your money refer here to ‘safeguarding’. In the unlikely event that Pecunia Cards EDE SLU ceases to operate, the safeguarding account is protected from other creditors making a claim against Pecunia Cards EDE SLU. 

If Pecunia Cards EDE SLU ceases to operate, our customers’ claims will be paid from the safeguarding account. As Pecunia Cards EDE SLU cannot use this protected money, there will be enough funds in the safeguarding account at all times to cover all customer balances. 

Further information

We hope this note was useful and helps you understand how your money
is safeguarded. Please do not hesitate to contact us at servicioatencionalcliente@pecuniacards.es,  if you have any additional questions on how Pecunia Cards EDE SLU protects client funds.